Hand & Feet Treatments

Hand Treatment

Lactic 15% Acid Mask

Dry and Uneven  Tone and Texture, Aging Skin

This treatment can be done every 7-14 days to help improve the skin texture.

$50 (add micro for extra $50)

Feet First Foot Treatment

Salicylic 30% Acid

Dry, Uneven Tone and Texture

Relax and Rejuvenate your tired feet with the Angels MedSpa Feet First Foot Treatment. Calming Seaweed Mask and Restorative Cream give a new meanting to walking on water.


Carte Blanche Teeth Whitening

If your pearly whites are looking a little lackluster and devilish, then you need a Carte Blanche miracle!  Within an hour your fiery fangs will be transformed into a string of pearls radiating Angelic beauty and brilliance.  Pain free and easy teeth bleaching.


G-lixur Juice



Gregory Howell is a personal juicer to the biggest stars in Hollywood and Angels MedSpa is blessed to have him as our personal juice god.

He will prepare and personally juice the best organic fruits and vegetables which are designed to cleanse the system, fuel the body and provide natural defenses against everyday toxins.

For more information contact glixirjuice@gmail.com

Hair by Bella Jasmine

Bella is known for her Rainbow bright hair colors and her bangin bleach dos.  She is also a specialist with individual hair extensions and regular cuts and color.

Check out her instagram bellajaydee

Call for an appointment  818 219 9961